As you already know I’ve started changing my life since my spiritual awakening in 2019.

I’m not shooting videos and accepting bookings in adult industry since 2022.

I’ve underwent a massive changes in my life since my kundalini awakening year ago and it’s now time to finalize this changes.

I’m now stopping customized orders, Skype shows, my liveshow series, personal BDSM, Shibari etc meetings. I’m leaving the adult industry completely.

That is not me anymore. I will be soon moving, leaving Czech Republic and fully embracing my new life, who I really am and what I can do.

I’m now available for online sessions. Friendly talk, coaching, counseling, therapy, energy work, healing, kundalini activations, neo shamanism etc.

In person sessions ale available only after a successful online session and with the presence of my bodyguard.

I’m lately dealing with threats, rude and disrespectful behavior from very unhappy, unfulfilled and frustrated people who can’t handle their life’s situations.

And instead of asking for help, working on their unhappiness, traumas and changing their life, behavior, habits, thoughts and patterns so they can heal and get better, they want to cause harm.

I’ve been in very bad situations in my past and I will not take any risks again or tolerate this behavior. Everyone is responsible for their own life, choices, suffering and healing.

So from now on I will be very careful and discerning about who I meet and under what circumstances and conditions.

I always did my best to bring happiness, goofiness, good energy and entertainment to people I met, worked with and cooperated with.

I always did my best to cheer up, support and help whoever I could.

I will keep helping and supporting as much as I can. But now I put myself, my life, physical and mental health first. And those who really mean it seriously and respectfully.

Thank you for your love, support and understanding. Thank you for being part of my incredible journey and growth.

Sending you love, hugs and kisses ❤️🤗😘

Your Angel Wicky