Hi everyone,
My name is Angel Wicky

Coach, therapist, energy worker, healer, exorcist and neoshaman.


I’m sweet, smily and positive woman with a head full of crazy ideas. I’m strong, resilient, determined, hardworking and never giving up. A spiritual person and survivor of physical, sexual, emotional and mental abuse. Cancer, Lyme disease and paralysis. I’m advocate of mental health. I’m enjoy traveling, learning, expanding my knowledge and skills, Eating healthy vegan food, spending time in nature and with animals. Especially my Horse and kitten.

I was unwanted child, physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused since I was born. I run away from home and got determined to build my own life and future.

I’’ve became multi-talented business woman. A world famous model, actress, producer, director and entrepreneur working for the biggest companies and magazines around the world and with her own company and business with over fifty employees. A cover girl who has graced the cover of magazines all around the world, including eleven times Playboy magazine, three times FHM magazine and others. An exhibitionist and extrovert who loves to show off and command a stage.

Unfortunately not everything is as it seems to be. I was abused over and over again. Sexuality, physically, mentally and emotionally. By my partners, bosses, colleagues and even people I thought I could call friends. Health problems, cancer, depression, anxiety, pressure at work, unhappy relationships, self harm, burn out, self destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts. In 2019 everything escalated and I was in a really bad place.

Luckily part of me noticed what was happening to me. I started questioning everything, trying to find way out of my situation and find some answers. I wanted to understand why these things happened to me, why my abusers or I reacted certain way and where did it come from. I wanted to know more about human behaviour, thoughts, patterns, motifs and also about myself. I left my old life behind, moved away from the mainstream industry and show business, build my company and business and started changing my life.

I battled and survived another wave of health problems including cancer and Lyme disease.  I dived into learning, studying and working on myself. Food, nutrition, plant medicine, herbs, different healing techniques, mental health, trauma, CPTSD, behaviour, coaching, psychology, psychotherapy, emotions, conscious and subconscious mind, shadow work, spirituality and many more. 

In April 2019 I went trough spiritual awakening – an expansion of consciousness and awareness. And my psychic powers started showing up and navigating me trough life. I started helping people and supporting them on their journey.  
In 2022 I went though more horrible things. The patter was repeating once again. Assault, abuse, burn out, depression. I was lost and angry. I left the adult industry and show business completely, followed my psychic gifts and attended Ayahuasca retreat to learn more and heal even more. 
In December 2022 I got paralysed on my upper right body, neck and limb. My heart failed and I had 2% chance of recovery. Things were escalating fast and I was forced to make radical decision in my life. To fully step into and embrace the spiritual path, the path of a healer. 

In February 2023 I had
kundalini awakening- complete unlocking of skills, knowledge, past lives, chakras, energy body, primordial intelligence and consciousness trough time, space and reality. For the next 17 months I was battling for my life on physical and spiritual plane. Healing, evolving, changing. 

I do, see, feel and know things. I’m a psychic, healer and exorcist. I do energy work, kundalini/ life force activations, activate healing abilities in other people, plant medicine, neo shamanism, removal of negative and struck energies, emotions and traumas. I banish spirits, entities, demons, break hexes and curses, reset chakras, heal addictions, mental health problems, physical illness. I connect clients to Mother Earth, the Source and much more. 

In year 2023 I became internationally certified Life coach and psychotherapis with degree in coaching and now finishing degree in psychology. I have my own company and shared company The healing warriors.

Helping people is my passion. Physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually and I’m working hard to improve my skills, knowledge and abilities to help and support those in need. As I went trough and survived many horrible things in my life I understand, what my clients are going trough. And as an energy worker, healer, psychic and empath I’m able to connect to clients on multiple levels and receive informations important for their process and healing. Complex and holistic approach on all levels of human existence..

I make sure my clients are not fighting alone and they are supported. No matter what they are dealing with. 


I am The living flame. The warrior. The Survivor. The Protector.

I’m here to help and teach people, humanity and help and protect Mother Earth. 


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