Hi everyone,
My name is Angel Wicky

I’m sweet, smily and positive woman with a head full of crazy ideas. A creative individual who enjoyes exploration and new ideas. I’m a foodie, animal and nature lover. A spiritual person and survivor of cancer, lyme disease and paralysis, as well as an advocate of mental health. Most of the time I can be found caring for my horse, playing with my kitten, engaging in sports, relaxing in nature, doing energy work or eating some yummy food.


As a mentor, coach and therapist, I love to help people physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Currently I have multiple international certifications as Life coach and therapist and I’m waiting on interational degree as Life coach and psychotherapist. I’m working hard to improve my ability to help and support those in need. Especially my family, friends and fans. After my spiritual and kundalini awakening I’m also studying mystery school, energy work and kundalini activations. All about energies, mysteries of the universe, human body and mind and how to activate life force, energy and healing abilities in other people. I hold multiple certifications in this area as well. I will add my certifications on my page in January. 



I’m a multi-talented business woman. A model, actress, producer, entertainer and dominatrix. A cover girl who has graced the cover of magazines all around the world, including being ten times Playboy, FHM USA and others. I’m an exhibitionist and extrovert who loves to show off and command a stage.


Come chat with me, be part of my every day life and an incredible comunity I built over the past four years with the help of my awesome members.
come see the real me. the funny and silly things I’m doing. My ups and downs, all the naughty things, as well as my exclusive production, coaching, therapy, spirituality and much more. 
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